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Colt Woodsman Services

**Important: Due to present time constraints and scheduling, no new work can be accepted until December 1, 2017.**

Colt Woodsman - All Series and Models

Since this gun is a passion of mine I do offer full armorer and partial gunsmithing services for the Colt Woodsman series of pistols. This also includes the Challenger and Hunstman models.  Below are basic services, please email or call for more specific needs.


Woodsman Services

  • Full disassembly, lubrication and cleaning: $40

  • Parts replacement: $40 per hour labor plus parts. email for quote and availability

  • Sear: Fit and replace, includes new manufacture sear $120

  • All other services quoted on an individual basis. Send us an email!

We plan to offer refinishing services down to road, but time constraints make it rather difficult at the moment and we simply will not offer a service that results in unreasonable turnaround times.  There's enough of that in this industry.  Ask, we will point you to the best we know.