Transfer Services


Transfers are the heart of our business. All we need from you is the seller’s email and an order number to reference. Once the firearm arrives we’ll let you know and we can set an appointment.


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New Gun Sales


Our primary distributor is RSR Group, and our secondary is Davidsons. Go look around and pick something out, all we need is the item/model number.

No transfer fee, always less than retail, and out the door pricing. Just drop us a line!

Colt Woodsman Services


Because of my love for this classic pistol, I offer armorer and limited gunsmithing services.

  • Sear replacement (new manufacture). Includes all hand fitting, test firing, and cleaning
  • Cleaning services
  • General repair and diagnosis



We employ the AIMI e-4473 system to handle the paperwork. The app is available for both IOS and Android, allowing you to fill out a majority of your 4473 before you get here, reducing your wait time.

We happily accept all major credit cards along with Apple Pay. Cash or check is always preferred, of course.